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10 easy ways to keeping you A/C unit running effectively.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Sunshine, beach vacations, barbecues, pool parties—who doesn’t love summer? But the quickest way to rain on your fun in the sun is to have your air conditioner fail when temperatures are at their highest. Take good care of your A/C unit throughout the year with the following tips to ensure you have a nice, cool home to relax in after all your outdoor activities.

1. Schedule a clean and check with a professional.

The best step to a perfectly running unit is to have a professional come out to maintenance your unit. Not only will they clean it, they will check it for potential issues before you end up with a broken air conditioner at the hottest time of the year.

2. Clean or change your air filter regularly.

This is the easiest and most effective thing you can do to keep your a/c running healthy. Clean or change your filter every 30-45 days or as needed. If you aren’t sure how to properly clean or change your filter consult with a professional.

3. Make sure the area surrounding an outdoor unit is clear.

Debris, leaves, plants, tall grass and weeds and block your air flow, preventing your a/c from working properly or most efficiently. Keep the area clear to ensure nothing interferes with the systems ability to function.

4. Avoid opening and closing windows and doors too much.

We know that a summer breeze feels good, but if you’re constantly opening and closing the windows and doors, the temperature inside your home rises and falls accordingly, and your system will be forced to work harder to constantly adjust.

5. Seal any opening that may let cold air escape.

Think of a tire with a slow leak, you constantly have to fill that tire with air, this same principle applies to cooling your home. If your doors, windows, or walls have any cracks or gaps that allow air to escape, your A/C has to pump more cool air.

6. Let your unit rest while not home.

You save the most money and energy if you maintain a consistent temperature while you’re home, but let your system rest while you’re away.

7. Utilize ceiling fans.

Using your ceiling fan may allow you to set your thermostat a degree or two warmer than you may have been ablate stand otherwise. Be sure your fan is spinning counterclockwise.When your ceiling fan spins quickly in this direction, it pushes air down and creates a cool breeze. This helps keep a room's temperature consistent throughout the day and reduces the need for an air conditioner to run constantly.

8. Inspect and clean vents regularly.

Keeping your vents clean ensures that no dust or debris is preventing air from freely flowing out. Close doors to each room with vents so that the room reaches the desired temperature since the area to cool is smaller.

9. Stay hydrated and snack smart!

Drink plenty of water, choose healthy, chilled snacks, such as fresh fruit or veggies and hummus. Not only do these options cool you from the inside out, they also allow you to avoid using the stove or oven, which radiates heat for your A/C unit to work against.

10. Protect your system (and budget) with a home warranty.

Yes, taking care of your unit with all the previously listed tips, an A/C system can still quit working for numerous reasons beyond your control. The best way to protect yourself and your budget is to have your home under warranty.

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