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Each year before the start of summer we like to make sure that our customers are prepared for the warm weather by making sure that your home is comfortable and your cooling system is efficient.  


We also have a checklist of things to do to prepare your home for the summer: 

Spring means Spring Cleaning and your spring cleaning routine should include your HVAC system.


Here is a checklist of things to do with your hvac systems to help keep them in tip top shape: 

1.Check your air conditioner before peak cooling season.  This helps to avoid the rush and if you happen to notice any problems give All Weather Specialist a call and have the problem fixed as soon as possible. 

2. Schedule an a/c system cleaning.  This goes along with point #1. You don't want your cooling system entering the summer in fighting condition. That’s why it is a good idea to have your system cleaned to maximize airflow and performance.

3. Replace your furnace filters. Clogged filters cause inefficient operation, reduces your systems lifespan, and contribute to allergy triggers. 

4. Inspect, and if necessary, caulk around your homes windows and doors. This will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer; and will also help save money on your utility bills. 

5. Remove plants or weeds that could be growing on or too close to your air conditioner.  You want to maximize airflow around your air conditioner; Weeds or other plants could be slowly creeping up on your system and violating the 2-foot clearance rule. Keep the area clear of weeds, but be careful not to cut the line set to the air conditioner.  

For more information, or for help with your spring cleaning checklist give All Weather Specialist, Inc a call at 773-488-2877. 

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